Jamie Vecsey

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Jamie Vecsey

Member of APPO:
Association of
Personal Photo Organizers
Jamie Vecsey, Member of Association of Personal Photo Organizers

About Photo Finish

My husband and I live outside of Atlanta, Georgia where we are blessed with two wonderful children. It is out of love for them and for our family that I really learned how to catalog our family history. I have always had an eye for photography and have dabbled in the art over the past 20 years. I started as a scrapbooker and then progressed when digital photography came about. Very early on I was taking a ton of pictures and being a very organized person I wanted to maintain that with our photos. I have always been really good about staying on top of my photos and keeping them neat and tidy. Digital photos and files have been no different. I really enjoy cataloging my photos in chronological order and keeping up to date with my photobooks. It has been really important to me that our photos don’t stay only as files on our computer but that they are printed and shared. It is through this hobby that I decided to help others. When I would share my photobooks with others I often heard about what a poor job they were doing preserving and “keeping up” with their own family memories. Now people invite me into their lives and share some of their most memorable experiences. They are happy to have found someone to help make sense of the mountain of photos, files and memorabilia they have collected over the years. It is gratifying to be able to help assemble an album, photo book, or organizational system that allows them to enjoy those memories.

- Jamie Vecsey

“Of all the projects you invest time and money into, this is the one that you will not regret and will have with you the rest of your life!”